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  Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Section 13 of the overall health policy stated that one of the criteria for qualitative and quantitative development of medical education and purposefully oriented health is to be responsive,which is achieved through training human resources who are professional,skilled tailored to the needs of different regions of the country and also committed to Islamic morality competencies. In section 1,the Supreme Leader pointed out the necessity of development in academic environments,compatible with Islamic and ethical values. These two sections are regarded as clear guidelines for the managers and directors of medical education system. 

Many health issues have their cause roots in social aspects of everyday life. In this regards health should be considered not only a biologic matter but even more importantly a social subject.

Social studies of health could be an important way to promote the health of both developing and developed nations but unfortunately health professional are not prepared for these social interventions and research in this filed is weak .

Health policy research center at Shiraz University of medical sciences with cooperation of student’s research committee have planned to have the first international congress on social studies on health.

The meeting would be held in beautiful city of Shiraz,the city of poetry and rose and the ancient capital of Iran from 21th to 23th of December 2016.

Social roots of health and disease 

Social interventions for disease prevention and health promotion

Environmental factors and health

Equity in health

Culture and health

Emergence of health

Gender inequalities in health 

health promotion as an active social behavior

Gerontology and health

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